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Travel Round Wine is a travel agency and tourist entertainment company that offers unique and unforgettable experiences of excellent quality, in areas regarding wine tourism, oil tourism and enogastronomy and with a fantastic selection of accommodations.

Travel Round Wine was born out of a growing passion for the world of wines, oil and gastronomy.

From the world of wines, we chose still, sparkling, fortified and distilled wines, to make them known for their quality. We promote different services in the area of ​​wine tourism, which exists in all wine regions of the country.

From the world of oil tourism, Travel Round Wine wants to make Portuguese liquid gold known to visitors, through oil tasting, contact with olive museums, gastronomy and also with more elaborate programs that can provide visitors with an authentic experience when they come in contact with an ancient culture that is distributed throughout the national territory, with predominance in Alentejo and in Trás-os-Montes, among other situations.

For Travel Round Wine, enogastronomy represents another exciting world. The possibility of transmitting unique and tasteful sensations through the harmonization between food and wine is what enchants us the most.

With the accommodations we have available for our customers, Travel Round Wine promises to provide unforgettable adventures in Portugal, so that you can discover every corner of our little paradise.

Amigos e Vinho


Get your friends and family together. Enjoy the best flavors of Portuguese wine tourism.

Copos de Vinho e Turismo


We provide unique experiences with access to the most exquisite flavors.

Cacho de Uvas numa Vinha


Portugal has some of the most beautiful wine landscapes in the world. Discover them with us!


There are several types of wines, complex and with different grapes. Learn with us how to enjoy a good glass of wine!


Did you know that we organize special events that contemplate the best wine landscapes in the country?



A beautiful tasting by the river or perhaps a more radical adventure? Just tell us what you want and we'll set it up.


Familiarize yourself with the regions. Know the processes and techniques of each region. Experience the result.


How do we do it? Mission

Travel Round Wine‘s mission is to provide our clients, groups and companies with unique and unforgettable experiences, through a quality service. We want our customers, whoever they are, to experience the best of our culture.


What we intend? Vision

Travel Round Wine aims to provide you with unforgettable cultural experiences through the approach and knowledge of the world of wine, spirits, oil tourism and enogastronomy and a unique selection of accommodations.


What we believe in? Values

Travel Round Wine is ruled by values ​​based on respect for others, for the environment and the ethnographic heritage. All we do is about the client and we take that seriously in order to provide good quality experiences.


I did this experience and it was fantastic! Super well organized, good price and with everything included. I loved the hostess and all her friendliness and proactivity. The only thing better was the wine tasting, both because of the quality and gastronomic side dishes.

- Catarina Sousa

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