Oil Tourism

Olive oil has been linked to the history of Portugal since its origins. In Portugal, there are six protected designations of origin with regard to olive oil, three of which are from Alentejo.

Alentejo is the region with the highest production of olives and oil, both in semi-intensive and intensive modes.

Trás-os-Montes is the country’s 2nd olive region. The olive grove is mostly traditional conducted in dry soil and low production intensification.

Olive oil in Portugal is also an essential element of Portuguese cuisine, being part of the base of several dishes. Nowadays, this notoriety remains, as the most respected Portuguese chefs continue to give olive oil the role that Portuguese liquid gold deserves.

Travel Round Wine through its oil tourism area will make connoisseurs / visitors aware of the world of olive oil, making its history in Portugal known. Through contact with olive growers, visitors get to know the cultivation of olive trees, the harvesting of olives, the extraction of olives, the varieties of olives and the types of olive oil through the tasting of olive oil.

Through Travel Round Wine, the connoisseur / visitor will also have access to guided tours of olive oil museums that show their history and the techniques of historical oil production in the locality where the museum is located.

Travel Round Wine also associates gastronomic, leisure and well-being experiences linked to olive oil and other types of experiences to this world.

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