Vinho Verde

The Vinho Verde wine region has been demarcated since 1908 and is located in the extreme north of mainland Portugal. It is bounded to the north by the river Minho, stretching along the Atlantic coast to the city of Porto, and to the south to the banks of the river Vouga.

The Vinho Verde wine region is the largest in Portugal with its more than 34 000 hectares spread over a geographically well-located coastal region, rich in hydrographic resources, with mild temperatures and abundant rainfall. These characteristics create homogeneous soils, mostly granite, fertile and of high acidity, excellent for the production of white wines.

This region has the “Alvarinho” variety as its trademark image. The flagrant typicality and originality result essentially from the peculiarities of the native varieties of the region and the ways of growing the vine. From these factors results a naturally light, fresh, limpid, refreshing and aromatic wine, different from the other existing wines in the world.

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