Together with the Cacau Club de Portugal this will be a special edition dedicated to chocolate that is not to be missed. To be held at the Baldaya Palace, this will be the event where we meet Diogo Vaz chocolate in various nuances, talk about its revolution, and of course, the inseparable friend that is wine!

Chocolate & Wine Talks

  • Indigenous Varieties
  • Production processes and cultivation
  • Pairings
  • Wine tasting and sampling

This ‘Chocolate & Wine Talks’ event can be held in a variety of locations such as wineries, museums, in your own home with your family or friends, in restaurants, hotels, various organizations, companies or in other places that allow us to hold the event under the right conditions.

During this event Travel Round Wine will provide a small notebook and pen that will allow each participant to follow the themes and record the tastings. It will last for 1h30 with on-site tasting of some identifying products of this theme together with the wine.

For more information, please contact us by email or check out the site .

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