Fortified Wines Course

The most correct and approximate reading of what will make us get the best out of wine is fundamental. With regard to generous, fortified and liqueur the choice can be even more difficult. When we don’t know when to open, what to open, or even what to choose to open, it’s important to have basic terms so we can make the right choice. Opening and handling a bottle is crucial in the learning process. Join us and in the company of a sommelier come learn in a relaxed way to know how the different types of fortified are made, how to taste and how to analyze a wine of this type.
Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the fortified!

Fortified wine production processes
– The base wine
– The fortification

Different types of national fortified
– Carcavelos
– Moscatel
– Wood
– PortLook at the world and the fortified
– Storage and wine cellar
– The diversity of the Old World
– Similarities and differences
– Geography and gastronomy

Opening bottles
– What decant
– Opening of bottles
– How to use a tweezer corkscrew
– Decanting

Proof and curiosities
– Wine tasting and tasting
– Proof analysis

The realization of this Workshop Fortified Experience, can take place in places as different as wineries, museums, in your own home with your family or friends, in restaurants, hotels, various organizations, companies or other places that allow us to perform in the proper conditions.

During the workshop, Travel Round Wine will provide each participant with a short notebook and a pen that will allow each participant to follow up the themes and record the tests. A duration of 3h00 will be expected to be added before entering the room a guided tour of the place of realization in Azeitão in José Maria da Fonseca.

At the end of the course Travel Round Wine presents each participant with a souvenir related to the theme and finally each participant will receive a certificate of participation in the workshop digitally.

The course takes place on February 13, starting at 2:30 pm until 6:00 pm, for the value of €90, with VAT included and addressed to 20 people.

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