Harmonizations similarities and contrasts

The connection of food and wine is a harmony that can and should bring added value to the whole. The individual tasting of both wine and food brings us the pleasure of different products. But, the connections can and should help each other either by agreement or by contrast. Exploring the different approaches is fundamental and part of the maturing process. Sometimes the connections that seem most nonsensical are the ones that work best. Learning about which characteristics influence in the right way and why they connect with each other are some of the topics we cover in this workshop. What if all this is explained with harmonizations? Good…isn’t it?

Understanding the evidence

  • How to taste wines
  • Varieties and regions


  • General considerations for food and wine pairing
  • The theory of flavor conjugation
  • The importance of chemical bonding


  • Harmonizations by similarity or contrast
  • The contribution of wine to the dish
  • The 10 most important principles behind great connections


§  The traditional and the modern

§  Sustainability and common food

§  Pairings with traditional dishes

§  The sophistication that accompanies wines

This workshop ‘Pairings – Similarities and Contrasts’, can take place in such different places as wineries, museums, in your own home with your family or friends, in restaurants, hotels, various organizations, companies or even in other places that allow us to carry it out in the right conditions.

During the workshop Travel Round Wine will provide each participant with a small notebook and a pen that will allow them to follow the themes and record the tastings. The workshop with tasting and pairing will last 3 hours.

At the end of the course Travel Round Wine will give each participant a souvenir relating to the theme and finally each participant will receive a digital certificate of participation in the workshop.


For more information, contact us at info@travelroundwine.com or visit www.travelroundwine.com .

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