When we talk about sparkling wines, we inevitably remember the famous French region of champagne and its wines. But there are a few other designations in the world that refer to this type of mysterious wine. After all, how does such a wine get carbonated? The production processes and techniques are ancestral and reproduced a little bit all over the countries. The names are distinct and varied and cannot be used outside the production areas so that they are identifiable, unique and characteristic of those types of wine. Knowing how to read a label will be fundamental to the success of the correct choice for your taste. On the other hand, mastering how to open these bottles can be another painful and difficult task if you don’t do it correctly. We have here the opportunity to taste, clarify and learn a little more about these wines. After all, Portugal also makes them…and well!

Sparkling Processes

  • The traditional and charmat method
  • Pét-Nat
  • The second fermentations

The regions and types of sparkling wines

  • From the North to the South of Portugal
  • Grape varieties and profiles
  • Climates and terroirs

A look at the old world

  • Sparkling wine appellations
  • Champagne rules and their nomenclatures

Handling and opening bottles

  • How to open a bottle of sparkling wine correctly
  • Which glasses to use
  • Sabrage techniques

Tasting and curiosities

  • Tasting and tasting wines
  • Tasting analysis

The workshop Sparkling Edition can take place in a variety of venues such as wineries, museums, at home with family or friends, in restaurants, hotels, various organisations, companies or in other places that allow us to hold the workshop under the right conditions.

During the workshop Travel Round Wine will provide each participant with a small notebook and a pen that will allow each participant to follow the themes and record the tastings. The workshop is scheduled to last 3 hours, including wine tasting and group dynamics.

At the end of the course Travel Round Wine will present each participant with a souvenir on the theme and finally each one will receive a digital certificate of participation in the workshop.

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