Wine Tasting Initiation Course

Wine appreciation based on emotions


The taste for wines is a mirror of today’s globalized and massified society. In fact, today there is a “global” taste, with well-defined canons that winemakers know and apply if they want to see their wines awarded gold in international competitions. The wines are perfect, without edges, homologated according to the most unsuspected opinion leaders. How to resist such a seduction? How to appreciate that wine that nobody knows?

To answer this and other questions we propose a revolutionary way to approach wine tasting. Without needing to know anything about it, without identifying aromas, without wanting to describe attributes, you can understand wine in a much deeper way and respecting it as a major symbol of Mediterranean civilization. How? By learning to taste the wine based on emotions that, although seeming more subjective, allow you to perceive in a few minutes what distinguishes the wines made to the taste of the “markets” from the others.

  1. Themes

. The fragility of the senses

. The expression of emotions

. The understanding of wine styles


  1. Tasting

. Tasting wine in a black glass

. Tasting of bitter-taste indicator

. Blind tasting 2 white wines of different styles


  1. Duration

. Three hours


  1. Monitor

Manuel Malfeito Ferreira

He is a Professor at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia where he teaches subjects related to wine and gastronomy. He is oenology consultant for several companies, publishes his work in scientific journals and is regularly invited as a speaker on topics related to wine quality. He has an intense divulgation activity in courses, seminars, and workshops, which promote the taste for wine among consumers.

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Travel Round Wine, offers this training service, for you, your family or friends, organization, or company, at your home, your organization or your company, according to your interest. The Wine Tasting Initiation Course – Wine appreciation based on emotions, is held at the Superior Institute of Agronomy in Lisbon but can also be held at wineries, museums, or other places of your choice, provided that they meet the necessary conditions for its realization.

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