Wine Tasting Course – Level II

The Wine as protagonist in Wine Tasting


Course Presentation

Wine tasting is now widespread throughout the world, reflecting the global interest in this ancient beverage. The texts of the master agronomists of the Classical Antiquity reveal a deep knowledge of the sensory characteristics of the different styles of wine. The evolution of tasting methods has seen significant scientific advances since the middle of the last century, and there is great diversity in the way wine is submitted to our senses. However, it seems that the tasting approaches are always subordinated to the usual sequence: sight, aroma, taste, and global evaluation. Moreover, it seems that only the ability to analyze and name the different aromas and flavors determines the expertise of the taster. This is certainly true for experts in sensory analysis, but for those who just want to enjoy wine, isn’t there another way to do it?

This session aims to demonstrate the application of recent methods of wine tasting that respect the cerebral processing of sensory stimuli. Priority will be given to emerging properties of aesthetic value, such as harmony, complexity, or persistence. The intention is that the focus of the tasting be the wine and not the subject, removing the stress of guessing the grape variety, the vintage, or the region. In this way, the wine takes center stage in the tasting and is properly valued as a cultural symbol and of human ingenuity.


  1. Themes
  • The adaptation of evidence to sense neuronal processing.
  • The evolution of wine tasting (synthetic and analytical tasting sheets).
  • Subject-based methods (deductive method).
  • Object-based methods (comparison with a standard).
  • Inconsistencies in evidence between experts and novices.
  • The difficult separation between preference and aesthetic evaluation.
  1. Evidence
  • Evaluating sensitivities to basic tastes and flavor mixtures.
  • Using deductive and emotional tasting forms.
  • Practice of blind (black glass), half-blind and informed tasting of 6 wines of different styles.
  1. Duration
  • Three hours
  1. Monitor
  • Manuel Malfeito Ferreira
  • He is a Professor at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia where he teaches subjects related to wine and gastronomy. He is an oenology consultant for several companies, publishes his work in scientific journals and is regularly invited as a speaker on topics related to wine quality. He has an intense divulgation activity in courses, seminars, and workshops, which promote the taste for wine among consumers.

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